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We are based in Los Angeles, CA.

Press: press@atthepool.com
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About Us
Technology is progressing at an exponential rate. Did you know one in every three people alive today have access to the Internet? That’s over two billion people worldwide tweeting, sharing, checking-in and upvoting, and as a result our society is more connected than ever. But is it any easier to meet those people? Who around you is also looking for a running partner? How about a fellow AI researcher? My guess is you don’t really know your neighbour. Chances are, however, there are extraordinary people all around just waiting to get discovered!

We believe today’s Internet is falling short on its potential to connect the world. It lacks an easy way to make new connections with like-minded people. That’s why we’ve created a place to expand our scope, share our beliefs and come together.
Who We Are

At The Pool is a team of students and recent grads. We are dreamers and doers. Each of us have passions, hobbies, and causes we believe in. We live to broaden our horizons and we love meeting new people, learning from others and sharing our ideas. But we’ve realized that like many others, we rely on serendipity and convenience to meet new friends. There must be a better way.

At The Pool was born in order to tap into the potential of the Internet. We want to help you discover extraordinary people and make the world a little smaller.
What’s with the pool?

The pool is a proverbial gathering place, a community of sorts. Our pool is a place for people with shared interests to gather, to find each other and to learn new things. Whether it’s an activity like swimming, an interest such as design, a cause you are passionate about or any other identifiable boundary, joining pools is an easy way to get started meeting others and exploring the physical world.
How does it work?

At The Pool introduces you to a new person each day based on four criteria: location, history, interests, and intent (pools). We connect you with amazing people in the areas that interest you the most. Think of us like the host of a party — someone who knows both of you, what you’re into, where you’re from, and more. Like any good host, we make an introduction because we know you’ll get along. At The Pool introduces you to fascinating people, delivered directly to your email once a day.
Why join the pool?

We believe every person has something unique to share — a unique talent, a unique perspective, a unique story. At The Pool wants to make it easier to find those amazing people. We facilitate connections to further the spread of ideas, encourage innovation and help you realize your potential.
Reach out

We’re headquartered in Los Angeles and love to connect. You can reach us at hey@atthepool.com or by following us on Facebook.

- The At The Pool Team