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We are based in Los Angeles, CA.

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Privacy Statement
Our privacy policy tells you about the collection, usage and disclosure of your information. When you use At The Pool or any of the services we provide, you are consenting to the usage of your information as described in this Privacy Policy in the United States or any other country where At The Pool operates or will operate in the future.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at privacy@atthepool.com.

At The Pool does not knowingly collect information from children or persons under the age of 18. Kids and teenagers are awesome, but if we become aware that anyone under the age of 18 has registered and is providing personal information without parental consent we will delete the information and terminate the account. If you believe a person under the age of 18 is providing personal information on At The Pool without consent, please contact us at privacy@atthepool.com.
Information You Provide Us

When you register with At The Pool, you provide certain personal information such as name, location and email. This information is public to other users of the site and will be searchable.

After registering you may choose to provide other information about yourself. For example, you may upload a photograph, or associate with any number of interests, answer a Q&A and/or people (connections).
Information We Collect

Any information you provide the site is information you are asking to be made public. This includes but is not limited to, posts, links, pictures, group chats, and metadata (including time of posts, people you connect with, groups you join, etc.). Any information you share or repost on the website may be stored and it may be recorded that the information was shared. By default everything on the website is public since we aim to foster an open area to make meaningful connections based on common interests. Therefore please use your discretion when posting information.

Every time you use At The Pool—whether it be on your computer, mobile phone, or other device—we may collect information about your location, IP address, or browser and pages you visit. You may choose to change your location at anytime, but since this information is central to the mission of our site, the information remains public.
Me Love Cookies!

At The Pool may use cookies (no, not the chocolate chip kind, but rather the small data pieces that are stored on your computer or other device). We use cookies to make At The Pool a better place for you. For example, we use cookies to make our site easier to use by tracking when you interact with different things on the site, improve our ads, and make sure that you and At The Pool are protected. You can enable your browser to block cookies, but it may, in some cases, affect your experience on At The Pool.
Here's how we'll use your information

We use the information that you have provided us to help improve our services and improve your At The Pool experience.

For example, your information will be used to help you make connections. Certain information (such as name, location, and interests) is made searchable on the website so that people can find and connect with you. Should you choose to, you can also import interests or email addresses and contacts from personal accounts in order to facilitate connections.

Your personal information could also be used when you invite others to join At The Pool. We send an email on your behalf to invite them to At The Pool. If your friend wants their information removed from At The Pool, they can do so simply by emailing privacy@atthepool.com.

In the spirit of fostering open discussion, At The Pool has chosen to make all the personal pages public. Any content on the pages is public.

We may also use the information you provide us in order to better cater any advertisements we have on our website to our users, as well as to deliver adds outside of At The Pool.

We may also use information to identify and protect against fraudulent transactions and other misuses of our website.

At The Pool will not give your information to electronic commerce or marketing groups through on-site offers. It is completely your decision as to whether or not you would like to provide personal information.

At The Pool may share your personal information with certain trusted third parties whose services we use. However, we will only provide the minimum information necessary for a third party to provide their services. At The Pool will not provide personal information to other third parties without your consent.

At The Pool may disclose information about you when it is necessary in order to comply with a law, or other legal request. For example, if it is necessary to address a security issue, protect the rights of a person or to protect At The Pool and our property.

In the future if At The Pool undergoes a change of ownership (i.e. merger, acquisition, etc.) your information may be transferred as a part of the transaction. This privacy policy will still apply to your information.
Editing Your Account

Registered At The Pool users have access to the tools and instructions to change their personal information on the site at anytime. You may also delete imported contacts, deactivate or delete your account. Please keep in mind that even after deleting your account, certain content such as posts may still be visible though they will not be attributed to your name. At The Pool keeps information from deleted accounts on file for back up, though it will not be accessible to others. Information will be permanently deleted after 90 days.
Change is good

At The Pool may choose to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most current version of the policy is what applies to your account. The latest version will always be at http://atthepool.com/privacy. Updates to Privacy Policy will be posted on the home page of At The Pool. By continuing to use our services after a revised policy has been issued, you are agreeing to the terms of the policy.
Hepls Us Help You

We make every effort to make your online experience with At The Pool as safe and secure as possible. However, you can help us help you by using At The Pool responsibly and appropriately. Use your best judgment when posting content and interacting online and At The Pool will be an awesome place for everybody.